These are the most common services clients seek when they contact me. If you have a question about anything that is not covered here, or if you're unsure whether copyediting or proofreading is right for your writing, shoot me an email. I'm happy to make a recommendation based on a sample of your writing!

Luxury Valet Service

The Royal Treatment: Copyediting + Proofreading

What's Included:

 My signature service ensures that no detail goes unnoticed in your writing. It includes one pass (editor speak for "reading through once and giving feedback") of copyediting for clarity, voice, and other structural concerns. Once you apply the changes and feedback in the way you want, you return the document to me. I do one final pass for proofreading (punctuation, spelling, typos, etc.)


Copyediting occurs when you have a draft ready. After making comments on your document, fixing any major errors, and ensuring it is clear and written in a way that is appropriate for your audience, I return the marked-up document to you. Once you make the changes you like (keeping in mind that my suggestions are just that, and you are welcome to accept or reject any of them), you will return the final document version with your revisions. Proofreading is the final step before you submit or hit "publish." I will do one final pass to ensure everything looks perfect. 


Every project gets it own quote based on what kind of editing it needs. Send me an email to get started, and attach the document (in whole, or at least 15 pages from any section of it). I will provide a custom quote for your project.

My Promise:

There's no obligation! My priority is to make sure we are a good fit as writer/editor partners. If I cannot provide the type of assistance you need, I'm happy to refer you to another editor in my network.