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Hi, I'm Alison.

I help jobseekers and academics write the right words to level up in their careers!

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You've written something important. 

Life-changing, even.

Let's polish it before you share it with the world.

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Resume, LinkedIn Profile, Cover Letter, & more!

You're ready to level up in your career, but applying for jobs is a huge hassle. Don't let time constraints or the confusing job advice online keep your from landing an interview for your dream job.

Imagine having a call with a résumé expert who will clarify your accomplishments and goals--and then create an résumé and cover letter that will make sure your application doesn't get lost in the void! 

Vivid Vision

You’re excited to make a Vivid Vision for your company, but...

▪️ You are “not really a writer” and don’t know where to start.

▪️ You have notes written on a napkin (or your Notes app) but need helping making it into a draft.

▪️ You have a draft written but need an unbiased 2nd opinion from someone outside of your organization.

This may feel like a monumental task, but the best way to get your Vivid Vision written is to seek help from an expert who has written 10+ in 2021 alone!


Copyediting for Dissertations and Journal Articles

You are almost finished writing your dissertation, essay, or article. You have put so much time, research, and heart into your writing, and it will live on far after the last stroke of your keyboard.

How would it feel to know that you are submitting your work in its most immaculate form, clearly expressing the brilliance of your ideas?

Qualitative academic editing (APA, MLA, & CMOS) is my specialty!

Have you written something other than what is described above?
Email a description, and I will let you know if I can help!


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